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This week I had the opportunity to go down to Benjamin and take pictures of these two lovebirds. I hadn't gone bike riding for fun in a very long time so it was great getting to do it with Michelle and Ben while documenting their love for it.

It becomes more and more apparent to me how over the years people stop taking pictures. They don't stop to capture those moments that were so important when their kids were younger or when they themselves were younger, but one thing I always say and continue to do is... TAKE PICTURES. Take pictures for yourselves, take pictures for your kids, take pictures for your grandkids. But for me the most important reason to take pictures is so that when your memory fails you have those photos to help remind you of all the magic you have witnessed during your life.

So grateful to have documented Michelle and Bens sweet love after many years of marriage and juggling the lives of five kids.

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