Over the weekend Sam and I went on a taco crawl. Which essentially means we ate a lot of food, and I mean a lot. We started off with yummy drinks. We got a fresh watermelon slush and horchata. SOOO good, although we wish the horchata was a bit stronger. We then moved on to warm, toasted chips with guac which we enjoyed on the sidewalk under the street lamps. We may or may not still have more than 1/2 the chip bag still. IT WAS HUGE.

Then we made our way over to Brasas for some street tacos and let me tell you, that they were the most 'extra' street tacos I have ever had. They had pineapple and guac on them with no extra charge! Normally a little scoop of guac is an extra $3 bucks which kills me but not here. They piled it on and it was oh so good.

We ended our night with dessert. Our original plan got spoiled when the place we went to was closed for the month, super random. But have no fear, google was there to save the day. We found another mexican place near our house, and that was probably the closest we will get to Mexico while here in Utah. It was karaoke night apparently, so there were a ton of men singing about women breaking their hearts and how they are the worst while they enjoyed literally buckets full of beer. It was a good night, and something fun and adventurous to do after a long week. We fully endorse having a taco crawl in your own town! Try it out.

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